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Specializing In The Israeli Market

The Israeli market is exceptional.

Whether you are an Israeli-based company or a company that plans to scale to the Israeli market, you should be aware that it behaves quite differently from large global markets.

The ad sets are small, the frequency spikes instantly, the audience gets bored quickly, and unique expertise is needed to balance creative expenses and the profitability.

But! Consumer behavior is delightful.

The length of the customer journey toward the first purchase is surprisingly short, and the average LTV is usually one of the highest that we can distinguish in the account.


The 'SNAIL' Approach

Our marketing approach includes 7 key points:

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Our Positioning Strategy

Before starting the joint work,

We examine your business in several parameters to coordinate between your client map and our employee maps:

Client Map

- E.G -

Employee Map

- E.G -

This step is critical for placing the exact staff members who are most suitable to serve your business.

Enough With The Harta Barta!


Our Services

All the words up there were great, but what do we practically have to offer?

Media Buying

We run all types of paid media campaigns.
We formulate tactics that align with the dynamic nature of the platforms, driving revenue with efficiency and agility.

Marketing Consulting

We provide consulting services to companies, organizations, and marketing agencies on topics related to media buying, message delivery & marketing strategy development.

Asset Creation

We produce a wide range of digital assets such as landing pages, marketing automation, advertisements, emails, ad creatives, articles, video scripts, and more.


Meet The Staff

Ofek Sabag

Co-CEO & Head Of Operations

Daniel Dzhanaev

Co-CEO & Head Of Product

Michael Melamedov


Chief Dzhanaev

Chief Chief Officer

Slava Zamsky

Account Manager

Ben Sade

Account Manager

Nofar Babaev

Graphic Designer

Hadar Cohen

Graphic Designer

Amir Epstein


Dany Argaman


Guy Nathan

Project Manager

Sharon Torin

Administrative Manager

Dany Argaman


Guy Nathan

Project Manager

Sharon Torin

Administrative Manager

Nati Dotan


and other top-tier marketers...


What Do Good People Tell About Us?

Narkis Alon

Author of the book
– Alive Women –

Ron Landsman

Founder and CEO
– Landsman –

Aviel Hay

Founder and CEO
– Moler Academy –


Hava Nagila?

We've heard that if you've reached this part of the Internet, your competitors start feeling uneasy.

If you don't have a problem with that, it signals that we should talk.

Our onboarding process is fast and simple, yet highly selective.

We are aligning our professional capabilities with your marketing needs and are honestly assessing whether there can be a mutual fit for collaborative activities.

If not, we're always happy to refer you to one of our colleagues whom we believe can serve you best.

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We create an MVP campaign to gather market feedback and determine if our strategic plan can meet our expectations before investing significant efforts in complex art creation.

Scale Up / Down

We scale up or down to align with our forthcoming objectives and the anticipated developments.


We execute the full strategic plan after validating its profitability.


We examine your market and the strategies you have used up to today to create our marketing strategic plan.


We continuously measure the results, compare them to our KPI goals, and make adjustments to achieve them.


We stack and maximize the results of the current campaigns while researching and validating additional moves.